Fox planning adaptation of Magic: The Gathering

That sound you hear is the collective "squee" of the fantasy gaming community, as Heat Vision is reporting that Fox has struck a deal with Hasbro to bring cult card game Magic: The Gathering to the big screen.

Soon to celebrate its 20th year of publication, Magic allows the player to take part in a wizarding battle between sorcerers known as "Planeswalkers", using various spells, artefacts and creatures to defeat their opponents.

Fox has earmarked Simon Kinberg to develop the property into a movie franchise, with the goal of creating a sprawling universe, around which several films will be built.

Kinberg will also produce said films, in this latest example of his new first-look deal at the studio, signed towards the end of last year.

With Duncan Jones' Warcraft also on the horizon, it looks like a good time to be a fantasy fan. Now, where did we put that cloak...

George Wales

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