Fox moving forward with Escape From New York remake

The long-awaited remake of Escape From New York finally seems to be happening, with Deadline reporting that Fox has successfully bid to acquire the rights to the action franchise.

Excitingly for fans of the original, the report goes on to reveal that John Carpenter will be an executive producer on the project, and will “exert creative influence” over the film.

It had previously been suggested that Charlie Hunnam was a frontrunner to take on the Kurt Russell role as Snake Plissken, but no actor is mentioned as being attached to this latest incarnation of the project.

Nor is Joel Silver mentioned in any capacity, despite having spoken about working on a potential new trilogy less than a year ago.

Indeed, confirmed details are scarce at this stage, with Fox’s next steps set to be the appointment of a screenwriter and director. Expect a release date to be confirmed shortly after those appointments are made…

George Wales

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