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Dwayne Johnson for Fast Five?

With all the testosterone knocking about the Fast And Furious movie sets, it’s a wonder shooting didn’t devolve into a Hangover -style knees up. (Oh, you think it probably did?)

Still, that doesn’t seem to bother Dwayne Johnson, who Deadline are reporting wants in on the action and is “eyeing” a role in the fifth flick, Fast Five .

Say Deadline : “He's already is [sic] driving mode on the CBS Films revenge drama Faster , and here, it appears Johnson's character will be on the right side of the law.”

This new car-loving cruise sees Vin Diesel’s Dom and Paul Walker’s Brian being pursued by lawmen – and it sounds like Johnson is after the role of one of those law enforcers.

Even though these films require a total of two brain cells plus a six pack of beer, a role in Five sounds far more promising than fare like The Tooth Fairy , which is the kind of work that Johnson has been devoting his time to of late.

Fast Five will hit screens on 10 June 2011, and is being directed by Justin Lin from a script by Chris Morgan.

Think Johnson's exactly what the series needs? Or would you rather he made Tooth Fairy Too: Revenge Of The Milk Teeth ?