Drew Barrymore discovers He Loves Me

It’s all go on the sizzling sexual thriller front as Drew Barrymore has signed on the dotted to star in He Loves Me for Warner Bros.

It’s no coincidence that the film is landing at the studio, as Drew’s production company Flower Films just put its roots down there with a fresh new first-look deal.

Writer Ted Tally has been locked in a dark room and told he can’t come out until he’s written a new draft of Joyce Brotman’s spec script, which Warner Bros paid good money for in December. Through the keyhole, Tally described the planned film to Variety as a "taut, sexy thriller about contemporary infidelity, which strongly questions the proposition that what you don't know won't hurt you." Drew then poured ice-cold water through the hole, screaming, “It writes the mise en scene or else it gets the hose again!” Okay, perhaps not. But it would make the man behind The Silence Of The Lambs feel at home, surely?

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