Charlie Hunnam to star in Escape From New York remake?

We haven’t heard anything about the proposed Escape From New York remake for a little while, but that could be about to change in the wake of some new casting rumours.

According to Starlog , Silver Pictures and StudioCanal are looking to secure a leading man to play Snake Plissken, with Charlie Hunnam currently sitting pretty at the top of their list.

Hunnam is reportedly the number one choice, although Jon Bernthal and Dan Stevens are also being considered as alternatives, given that Hunnam’s schedule could potentially pose a problem.

Meanwhile, the report claims that this new version of the film will see Snake accompanied by a gang of criminals in his attempts to save the President – they help him break the main man out of prison, and they get to keep their freedom into the bargain.

A director has yet to be appointed to the project, although with the casting process about to kick into gear, expect that to change within the coming weeks…

George Wales

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