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Bruce Willis set to enter The Tomb

Bruce Willis is in negotiations to head up prison break flick The Tomb for Summit Entertainment.

The vest-donning action man would star as Ray Breslin, a leading authority on structural security.

Having meticulously studied prisons in order to design an inescapable facility, he is framed and banged up in a prison that he himself designed.

Yeah, sounds sort of like TV drama Prison Break to us. Antoine Training Day Fuqua is also in talks to direct the film, which was written by Miles Chapman and has been rewritten by Jason Keller.

According to Deadline , Summit Entertainment want to shove the flick on the fast track, but Willis’ involvement in Kane & Lynch could slow things down.

Still, seems like an interesting ticking time bomb premise for the action star – one that harks back to his Die Hard days, even if it’s not the most original thing we’ve ever heard.

Think this would be a good flick for Willis?