Baldwin joins The Sopranos

It still brings a tear to Total Film’s eye to think that the end is in sight for HBO's corking crime series The Sopranos.

Tony and the gang have given us some of the best TV of the last decade and with filming underway on the last eight episodes, David Chase has cherry-picked from the Baldwin brotherhood, bringing in Daniel for a role in the hit show.

Baldwin will appear as himself, accepting the lead in the horror/gangster flick written by Tony Soprano’s cousin, Christopher (Michael Imperioli).

After meetings with the likes of Ben Kingsley, Christopher ropes in Daniel to star in a movie he describes as “Saw meets The Godfather II. It centres on a wiseguy with a big mouth and bigger dreams.”

The final instalment of the show, which focuses on the life of New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) are expected to air in the UK sometime next year.