Atom Egoyan unveils Seven Wonders

Atom Egoyan is not a director who likes to be pigeonholed. And his latest film will feature both a globetrotting stalker a reality-warping love story.

Seven Wonders finds main character Pandora bitter and unhappy after the failure of her relationship. Instead of cuddling up with a tub of ice cream and a marathon of romantic movies, she becomes obsessed with the relationship between an adverts director and the helmer’s boyfriend. So she ends up following the pair around the world as the director films commercials at the Seven Wonders of the World.

"It's an intimate story that I think can be harnessed on a larger canvas," Egoyan told The Hollywood Reporter. "The Seven Wonders are an escape from our lives, places where we can believe in something larger." He’s apparently planning to make it on and indie budget, which will be quite a trick. The Hollywood Reporter is checking its passport .

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