Are The Matrix 4 and 5 3D on the horizon?


Keanu Reeves is reportedly keen on returning to one of his most profitable movie franchises by starring in The Matrix 4 and 5 .

The actor recently appeared at a key notes speech at the London School Of Performing Arts, and one lucky attendee dropped by Ain’t It Cool News , reporting on what Reeves said about possible further Matrixes .

According to informant ‘El Nino’, Reeves met with the Wachowskis over Christmas, and they talked to him about a two-film treatment they’d just completed “that would see him return to the world of the matrix as Neo”.

Not only that, but the Wachowskis have also apparently met with James Cameron about creating the movies in 3D.

File this firmly under ‘rumour mill musings’ for now, as AICN ’s source has yet to be verified by, well, anybody, and his claims are all rather fantastical.

But it’s definitely got us thinking about what any further Matrix adventures might involve, especially as Reeves' character was all but doomed at the end of final film Revolutions

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