A Class Act

So you’re an actor – or at least you’re trying to be. Trouble is, you’re more Dexter Fletcher than Laurence Olivier. Fret not, luvvies: London’s respected Actors Centre is taking on some new teaching staff – none other than Brit uber-thesps Ewan McGregor, Brian Cox and Imelda Staunton, and mighty writer/director Anthony Minghella.

“In the States, a lot of actors take classes on a regular basis,” explains Matthew Lloyd, The Actors Centre’s artistic director, whose course will run for 12 months and will feature regular hands-on tutorials from McGregor and co. But hang on, aren’t these guys and gals busy making movies? “Well, we’ll be able to use the performers when they're available,” laughs Lloyd. “We'll fit in with their diaries.”

Part of a new concept called the Film Lab, the project aims to give a leg up to the movie stars of tomorrow. According to Lloyd, it’s the happy fruition of a project that’s been a long time coming. “The unique feature of Film Lab is that people will not be selected by only those who can pay. “ At just £70 a pop, he’s not kidding.

Still, for those on a tighter budget, Dexter Fletcher is also available, charging a mere £13.99 plus the taxi fare home. We made that last bit up. You’re walking.