Leonardo DiCaprio On Shutter Island

Leonardo DiCaprio is back in Martin Scorsese's latest, psychological terror 'tec tale Shutter Island. caught up with him to talk about the movie, Marty and Inception, which Christopher Nolan is shooting right now...

ON WHETHER IT’S A HORROR OR NOT: “Younger audiences may be expecting a horror film with a scare, whether false or not, every 10 minutes, but it’s not a horror film in that aspect specifically.

"It’s more than that. It works on a lot of different levels."


ON HITCHCOCK RIFFS: "I don’t want to say it’s Scorsese doing a Hitchcock-style movie because it’s completely his own, but it’s along that style thread…"

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“Definitely. Absolutely. It was that nine-month process in Rome on Gangs, him watching how I work and seeing my instincts that gave him a trust level with me and, sure, if it hadn’t been for that experience.

"I don’t know if we would have done so many films together. He really relies on actors… He feels the actor’s connection with that character is to be explored and respected and that’s what’s awesome about him.”


“There was a lot of the detective genre, it was the investigative tilted hat, y’know, a throwback to the ’30s detective-with-a-twist films.

"That’s the only way to describe it… An obsessive twist…”

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On his role: “People say I do tragic characters, but I just find them very interesting and more compelling. I’m drawn towards them.

"I want to be moved during a cinematic experience and this is certainly it’s going to be an interesting film-going experience. No one is going to see this movie and say that it’s not interesting.”


ON MARTY’S FILM KNOWLEDGE: " I would love to see a Jeopardy
with Marty up there against anyone in the world as far as film knowledge is concerned because it’s weird.

"He knows not only the film, but the editor and the second AD of an obscure French film."

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ON INCEPTION: "It's more of  a science-fiction psychological kind of thriller… It has a heist genre to it, but it’s set within the human mind.

"It’s one of those movies that I wouldn’t be able to describe if I sat here for 20 minutes because it works on a lot of different… I hate to use that term, again, but it’s true, this film literally works on different levels.”

“I had the script, but I don’t think there was ever an official offer.

I think it was The Jew Hunter, but Tarantino ended up wanting to go with a German-speaking actor.”

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