Buzz Uncut: The Flash

Shaun Levy answers a couple of questions on The Flash Total Film didn't have room for. And they're good 'uns.

Would you prefer a known actor to take the role?
That’s tough because on one hand, the value of a Brandon Rough is undeniable – you get a Superman who you believe as Superman. But we all knew Tobey Maguire before Spider-Man and we all knew Christian Bale before Batman – and those movies succeeded immensely. Yet I would say the X-Men series of movies worked because Hugh Jackman was not a huge star when he took on Wolverine – so it works two ways.

There’s a rumour Ryan Reynolds has been approached to star as The Flash…
Really? I can honestly say that’s the first I’ve heard of Ryan Reynolds or any other actor. I’m so far away from thinking about actors right now. I will say that some very well known actors have been seeking me out to plant the seed of their interest, but that’s about it. I’m going to keep it mysterious like that for now though…


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