Zack Snyder will tackle The Illustrated Man

You might think that, given Zack Snyder has brought Frank Miller’s sprawling war epic 300 to the screen and is preparing to make a movie based on Alan Moore’s beloved and – according to many – unfilmable Watchmen graphic novel, he’d do something less challenging next. Herding cats, say, or juggling flaming knives made out of acid.

But no, he’s choosing to stick with challenging projects as Warners has signed him onto a remake of The Illustrated Man. If you’ve never heard the name, it’s a collection of short stories written by prolific author Ray Bradbury, who also penned Fahrenheit 451.

What’s challenging about it? It’s a set of stories narrated by a man whose living tattoos can predict the future. And we don’t yet know which of Bradbury’s stories from the book will make it to the screen… There are plenty to pick from, such as The Veldt, which sees parents locked inside the African savannah simulation they bought for their kids or Marionettes Inc, which finds a man replacing himself with a robot to escape his happy marriage, only to find – Twilight Zone twist alert! – that his missus left ages ago and he’s been living with a copy himself.

Watchmen adaptor Alex Tse is the man Snyder will task with locking down the script and it remains to be seen if it will be anything like 1969’s Rod Steiger-starring version…

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