Worthington to play Quatermain

Sam Worthington has had a heck of a sci-fi-stuffed 12 months.

First he caught our attention with Terminator Salvation and Avatar , then he went on to apply his hero model to the big bucks Clash Of The Titans remake.

Now he’s being lined up to play Quatermain, who first appeared in H Rider Haggard’s novel King Solomon’s Mines , in which he headed up an expedition to the lost mines of Africa.

The ever-reliable Heat Vision (opens in new tab) report that Worthington will produce the film adaptation for DreamWorks, with the movie version set in a time when the human race have left Earth behind.

After a time spent in space, Quatermain returns to Earth for a planet-wide search that takes King Solomon’s Mines ’ concept and beefs it up onto a bigger canvas.

Worthington will be having an interesting time juggling all these schedules, what with shooting of The Fields currently keeping him busy, rumoured links to Dan Dare and Dracula: Year Zero making his ears burn, and contractual obligations to Clash Of The Titans 2 and Avatar 2...

Think this sounds like a great flick for the Aussie hero?

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