Will Axel Foley return at last?

In the world of long-gestating sequels to ‘80s classics, few have a more tortured history than the Beverly Hills Cop franchise.

To be honest, we thought the days of Eddie Murphy’s streetwise, foul-mouthed cop were long gone, with Murphy confined to kiddie film hell. But now, on the back of some healthy buzz for his performance in Dreamgirls, the flames are flickering once more and Paramount has nabbed producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura to add some more fuel.

What started as a rumour-ish web tip-off has now been confirmed by trade mag Variety, which reports that Murphy will be working closely with the studio and the new producer to get Foley back on the streets. Eddie has, of course, always been attached to a possible fourth outing, but when the third film failed to live up to the first two movies’ massive success, plans were scuppered and the project vanished into limbo, never – or so we thought – to be seen again. Until now, that is. "Axel Foley is one of the great action-comedy characters, a character that Eddie loves. I'm lucky enough to help bring it back," di Bonaventura told Variety . "This genre is missing from the landscape."

We’ve had our hopes (and our fears) raised before, so while we’re told the team are now hunting for a writer, pardon us if we wait for the actual screening before we agree it’s actually happening.

source:( Variety )

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