Up and W

While this teaser shows nothing from the actual film itself (which is standard operating procedure for Pixar when it comes to teasers), it’s enough to make us think that they’re once more concocting something fun and different for us to watch next year.

Up follows the adventures of 78-year-old dreamer Carl Fredricksen (who we meet in this footage), who worries that his life never amounted to much. But then 8-year-old wilderness ranger Russell shows up, and their lives take a much more adventurous turn.

Check out the teaser over at Disney’s site . And is it just us, or is this a sly wink at rival studio DreamWorks Animation’s logo?

Also aiming a sly wink is Oliver Stone, who has been busy making W, his biopic of US President George W Bush. The teaser for the film is now online, which chronicles Dubya’s journey from boozy failure to… er… the most powerful man in the world? Latino Review has a copy over at their site.

Source: ( Disney.go.com ) ( Latinoreview.com )