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The Martian Chronicles gets adap

The Martian Chronicles

The Martian Chronicles has been optioned for a movie adap by 20th Century Fox.

Producer John Davis has picked up the rights to Ray Bradbury’s classic tome, and has been given a window of time in which to turn the short story collection into a movie.

The main thrust of the plot follows Mars’ colonisation by the human race – and the epic tussle that results with the resident Martians.

In other 20th Century Fox/sci-fi news, Channing Tatum has boarded their other not-of-this-world project Ion .

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that the beefy hunk-man is in line to star in the film, which was written by Will Dunn, and has Ridley and Tony Scott producing.

Ion is being described as a sci-fi romantic epic (begging obvious comparisons to Avatar ), with the plot following a man travelling to different Earth dimensions searching for his reincarnated lover.

Shades of The Fountain in there as well, then, and hopefully a better sci-fi adventure for Tatum than the mess that was G.I. Joe .

Glad to see sci-fi heading back to our screens?