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Sonnenfeld to direct Pig Scrolls

Even though he’s already got a ballooning list of projects attached to his reputable name, director Barry Sorrenfeld is apparently set to sign on to helm animated film Pig Scrolls .

Men In Black 3 , Swift and The How-To Guide For Saving The World are all flicks currently squabbling for his attention.

But it seems that DreamWorks Animation are keen to recruit Sonnenfeld for Pig Scrolls , adapted from a novel by Paul Shipton. It's a porcine version of the swords and sandals epics that are currently en vogue in Hollywood.

The ever-dependable Pajiba report that Sonnenfeld is developing Pig Scrolls as a possible directing project, with Clash Of The Titans and Kung Fu Panda name-checked as influences.

Shipton’s novel follows Gryllus, a member of Odysseus’ crew who is transformed into a pig by Circe (part of the original Greek myth). But as Odysseus escapes, Gryllus goes on to have his own adventure, which naturally involves giant monsters and gorgeous teen prophet Sybil.

Considering the high quality of DreamWorks’ How To Train Your Dragon , we’re hopeful that Sonnenfeld can replicate that 3D crowd-pleasure with Scrolls . But the studio will be desperate to make more of a box office grab than their under-performing Dragon .

Swift or swines? Which do you want Sonnenfeld to direct...