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Rumour: Chris Hemsworth to star in Lethal Weapon reboot?

Lethal Weapon could be the next film on the Hollywood reboot production line, according to a new report.

The Tracking Board reckons that Thor star Chris Hemsworth has been offered the lead role in a Lethal Weapon reboot.

From the sounds of it, it wouldn't be a ground-up remake of the franchise, with the plot set to centre on the son of an older cop ( TB predicts that'll be Mel Gibson's Martin Riggs) who decides to join the police.

Original producer Joel Silver is on board, and Fast & Furious rejuvenator Justin Lin is attached to direct (hinting that this take will be very action-orientated).

There's no clear indication on whether Gibson or Danny Glover will be back for supporting roles or cameos, though TB suggests that original screenwriter Shane Black has contributed ideas to the reboot.

It's easy to imagine '80s action fans being cynical about another favourite franchise being dredged up, but Hemsworth's audience appeal - and the fact this isn't a straight-up remake - should assuage those worries somewhat.

With details so scarce right now, there's no hint of a tentative release date for the new Lethal Weapon - stay tuned for more as we get it.