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Neil LaBute and Aaron Eckhart reteam for Geography of Hope

Neil LaBute and Aaron Eckhart, best known for their collaboration on searingly-harsh drama In the Company of Men , will reteam for The Geography of Hope .

LaBute will direct the movie, which is based on his own years-old script, and Ed Harris is also set to star alongside Eckhart.

The Geography of Hope is set in the 70s, and follows two on-the-lam robbers who flee to Mexico after a job goes badly wrong.

There they fall in with a group of American women, and they're unsure whether to romance them or rip them off.

Since Company , LaBute and Eckhart have worked together on Your Friends and Neighbours , Nurse Betty and Possession , while Eckhart had a cameo in (ye gods!) The Wicker Man remake.

Though it has been some time since LaBute has made an essential movie, this sounds like it could prompt a genuine return to form, especially as LaBute will be working from his own script again.

Eckhart, who's done much of his best work with LaBute, has proven himself to be a compelling actor when he's working with the right material, so Geography is certainly cause for attention.

LaBute's recent West End play, In a Forest Dark and Deep , opened to great acclaim this year, and Eckhart will next be seen in The Rum Diary with Johnny Depp.