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H.R. Giger is working on the Alien prequel


Ridley Scott isn’t the only one making a belated return to the Alien film franchise with his upcoming prequel – celebrated concept artist H.R. Giger is also set to return.

The Swiss surrealist, of course, was integral in the creation of the xenomorph in the first Alien movie – and bagged an Oscar for his efforts.

Now, Giger’s wife Carmen Scheifele has revealed that he will be re-teaming with Scott to work on the film’s 3D prequel.

Which makes sense, considering the prequel is set to go back to before the beginning, and explore the origins of the first film’s infamous Space Jockey.

Previously, Giger felt that his work on fourth Alien film Resurrection was so badly interpreted that he had his name scrubbed from the credits.

We're sure Scott will treat whatever genius stuff Giger comes up with for the prequel with the utmost gooey respect.