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Guy Ritchie to direct Excalibur

Everybody knows Guy Ritchie takes his action with a side of beef.

Just look at the muscular Sherlock Holmes and RocknRolla , for a start. Well, word reaches us that he’s heading into even meatier territory with a new take on the sinewy Arthurian legend.

It's thought that the project Ritchie is interested in is the one reported on last July, when it was revealed that Warren Ellis was working on a treatment of an ‘Untitled Arthur Project’.

Ellis denies it’s a remake of 1981's Excalibur (which was directed by John Boorman and starred Helen Mirren), but it seems production studio Hollywood Gang (the guys and girls behind 300 ), are keen for a similar approach to that film’s interpretation of the legend.

Of course, first Ritchie is set to direct another Sherlock Holmes film, so his take on King Arthur won’t see the light of day for a while.

Still, it’s interesting to hear that yet another take on the tale is in the works. And with Bryan Singer also interested in an Excalibur remake, could there in fact be two Arthurian flicks on the distant horizon? Stranger things have happened...

Ritchie or Singer? Who should get to pull the sword out of the stone...?