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Bruce Willis set for G.I. Joe 2

Action Sequel G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation is reportedly on the brink of adding a heavyweight name to its cast in the form of Bruce Willis.

According to the Heat Vision blog, Paramount are currently locked in negotiations with the Die Hard star, having reportedly earmarked him for the role of General Joe Colton.

As seen in the '80s comic-book series, Colton was responsible for founding the G.I. Joe strike team (perhaps better known as the Ultimate Freedom Fighting Force) and the first man to be awarded the moniker G.I. Joe.

Director John M. Chu has assembled a largely new cast for this second crack at the G.I. Joe franchise. Channing Tatum will return to reprise his role as Duke, with Ray Park (Snake Eyes), Byung-hun Lee (Storm Shadow) and Arnold Vosloo (Zartan) all set to recreate their original characters.

However, they'll be joined by a glut of new recruits including Dwayne Johnson, Adrianne Palicki and RZA. Ray Stevenson is another new addition, with the Thor star set to play franchise villain Firefly.

It sounds like a good fit for Willis’s grizzled action chops and his addition would hopefully bring some welcome humour to proceedings.

Shooting begins in New Orleans at the end of the month, with the film is pencilled in for a Stateside release of 29 June 2012.

Source: Heat Vision

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