Two new images from The Hangover Part III

The Hangover Part III has released a new pair of images online, showing the wolfpack looking as baffled as ever, alongside Ken Jeong’s Leslie Chow sporting a Stetson and crooning down a microphone…

We’re still waiting for a first trailer to give us our first glimpse of some new footage, but until then, we’ll have to piece things together from the various stills that have been released.

The one that stands out here is the image of Chow on the microphone. God knows what he’s doing on stage, but given that this is the second image we’ve seen in which he features, we’d imagine his character will be given even more screen time this time out.

What we do know about the plot is that there will be no wedding involved, and that the reunion of the old gang will be at Alan’s behest. Vegas will be on the agenda again, but only as one of a number of global destinations…

Directed by Todd Phillips and co-starring Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis, The Hangover Part III will open in the UK on 24 May 2013.

George Wales

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