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Tron: Legacy director takes on Archangels

Tron Legacy


Tron: Legacy ’s release date still feels a long way off, but its director Joseph Kosinski isn’t wasting any time in seeking out his next project.

With the Tron sequel not out ‘til December this year, news comes that Kosinski is attached to direct sci-fi actioner Archangels , which he’ll also produce with Ridley and Tony Scott.

Heat Vision report that the script by Andrew Will is a Bourne -style thriller set in the near future and features “alien elements”. The lead character is a member of an elite force who must track down aliens that manage to sneak through Earth’s defence system.

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Archangel isn’t the only film that Kosinski is eyeing up, however, with Disney also tapping him to direct a remake of 1979 flick The Black Hole as well as a follow-up to Tron: Legacy .

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Source: [ Heat Vision ]