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Tron 3 is already being written

In either a sign of consummate confidence, or consummate idiocy, Disney Pictures have called up Tron Legacy scribes Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz and asked them to start writing Tron 3 .

Heat Vision report that Disney are so happy with Legacy that they want to get a head start on a third Tron adventure.

Tron Legacy isn’t out until December, but the viral campaign is building in momentum and the new trailer, quite frankly, blew our minds into pixelated fairydust.

Disney have stopped short at getting Legacy director Joseph Kosinski or any of the cast to sign any second sequel documents.

But the studio are obviously keen to expand the franchise as much as they can – and who can blame them, considering the (still undisclosed) amount of money they’ve been funnelling into getting Legacy right.

And if Legacy is even a fraction as good as the awesome trailer suggests, we’re fine with that. Expect a Tron 3 by at least 2012.

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