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Total Recall remake will shoot in March 2011

Total Recall

Total Recall will be officially mashed through the remake machine when shooting on the re-do begins in March 2011.

Len Wiseman of the first two Underworld movies is in the director’s dock, and he’s reportedly sent out offers to a high profile leading man.

No, not Arnold Schwarzenegger, but… Colin Farrell. Talk about a 180. Still, Farrell does have a charisma button that he occasionally flips, meaning he could make for an interesting (and leaner) reimagining of Quaid.

Should the new film stick to the same premise as the 1990 original, that is. A loose adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s We Can Remember It For You Wholesale , the original Recall grabbed $119m in box office kerchings and was made on a budget of $50m.

Which looks positively restrained in comparison to the remake, which is to be shot in Toronto on a budget of $200m. Expect it in cinemas by 2012.

Adventureland 's Margarita Levieva for the role of Melina, anyone?