Thomas Jane joins The Devils Commandos

Thomas Jane and Jason X scribe Todd Farmer are busy developing the action horror pic The Devil’s Commandos.

Farmer, who also wrote the incoming remake My Bloody Valentine 3D, spoke to Shock ‘Till You Drop about the film’s genesis.

“Devil's Commandos is a Tim Bradstreet story," Farmer says. "Turns out, not only can Timmy draw, his noodle churns out some rockin' ideas. Who knew? But I told him if I wrote the thing he wouldn't get any credit. He'd end up as a footnote somewhere. So I suggested he write it with me.

Punisher writer

And just who is this talented Bradstreet fella? Only the man who helped revitalise The Punisher in the comics medium.

As for the plot... It's a gem of an idea. "It's about WWII commando unit sent on a rescue mission. Pretty straight forward. Except for the part where hell opens up and they have to fight Satan's army."

Oh, and it sounds like Jane will be even more involved than usual. “. Tom will star and direct in 3-D to follow his Dark Country debut.”

Jane is a little busy working on HBO sitcom Hung, and Farmer hopes to get the film rolling once he’s finished playing a gym teacher with a – there’s no real way to be delicate about this – massive penis.

[Source: Shock ‘Till You Drop ]