The Gray Man enters production

Mark Greaney’s 2009 thriller novel The Gray Man has been optioned by New Regency Pictures for the big screen treatment.

The book, which centres on a character called Court Gentry who is known as The Gray Man, is a sort of spy-assassin thriller that follows Gentry as he carries out his job offing targets.

Unfortunately for him, there are “forces far more lethal than Gentry in the world” who want him out of the picture, and who have pegged him for termination. Can Gentry survive?

Coming Soon (opens in new tab) report that scribe Adam Cozad has been assigned adaptation duties on the project, while Company Shine Limited (the guys behind Merlin ) are producting.

Cozad is also currently working on a new Jack Ryan film for Paramount Pictures, with Chris Pine cast in the titular role.

Could these be franchises to fill the void left by Bourne ? It’ll all depend on the casting and the directors, we expect. Gentry sounds like the perfect role for any wannabe sleuth, and no doubt a dozen Hollywood stars will be bidding for the role once Cozad’s script is complete.

Who do you think should play Gentry?

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