Steven Spielbergs Cold War thriller gets an official title

Steven Spielberg’s forthcoming Cold War project has unveiled its official title, with the film set to go by the moniker Bridge Of Spies.

Despite production wrapping on the project several months ago, the film had remained resolutely untitled until producer Marc Platt spilled the beans in an interview with The Daily Pennsylvanian.

The new film has been scripted by Joel and Ethan Coen, and will tell the true story of James Donovan, a lawyer who was hired by the CIA to secretly negotiate the release of an American pilot shot down in Soviet airspace in 1960.

As well as the new title, it has also been confirmed that John Williams will be scoring the film. No big surprise there (it will mark Williams' 27th collaboration with Spielberg) but welcome news nonetheless.

Co-starring Tom Hanks, Amy Ryan and Mark Rylance, Bridge Of Spies will open in the UK on 9 October 2015 and in the US one week later.

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George Wales

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