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Spinal Tap rock London!

Nigel Tufnel. David St. Hubbins. Derek Smalls. The very names make our musical sensibilities tingle like a cold sore. And why the tingling? The heavy metal rockers, legends in their own minds and owner of the tightest pants this side of Tom Jones are about to save the environment.

The threesome alongside their backing band are reuniting Spinal Tap to form part of the line-up at Wembley this July. Al Gore is throwing a series of gigs around the world to draw attention to global warming. As nothing says “conserve energy” better than huge concerts require millions of volts of electricity.

Originally featured in 1984’s This Is Spinal Tap (and if you didn’t know that, stop reading this now and go watch one of the funniest films ever made), the Tap are announcing their return today via a 15-minute film director by Rob Reiner. We bet original Tap director Marti DiBergi wasn’t available. The band will play for an 80,000-strong audience, plus millions of TV viewers across the world. Oh, and they’re releasing a new single called Warmer Than Hell. Classic Tap.