Sony to screen Total Recall footage at Kapow!

Total Recall , Len Wiseman's update of the well-loved Arnie-starring sci-fi, will debut a host of new footage at this weekend's Kapow! comic-book convention.

Sony plans to use the festival to drum up excitement for some of their forthcoming releases, with the studio using its showcase to debut new footage from both Total Recall and The Amazing Spider-Man .

The remake will star Colin Farrell as Douglas Quaid, a bored factory worker looking for excitement in the form of a memory modification process offered by shady organisation, Rekall. However, the procedure goes drastically wrong, and Quaid soon finds himself a hunted man.

The exclusive footage reveals are just part of a movie-centric lineup, including appearances from the likes of Nick Frost, Rufus Sewell, Noel Clarke and Gareth Evans.

To buy your tickets and check out the lineup in full, head over to the official website now. Hopefully, we'll see you down there!

George Wales

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