Sienna Miller recruited for GI Joe

When you think of actors you’d most likely associate with GI Joe, who comes to mind? Bruce Willis perhaps, or maybe even Gerard Butler?

But the first name to officially sign on to Paramount’s big screen adaptation of the toy-based cartoon is more surprising – Sienna Miller.

The Stardust and Interview co-star will play the movie’s female lead a “raven-haired baroness and sexy female spy”, according to Variety.

She’ll play part of the Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity team based in Brussels who use their international squad of operatives to fight the evil Cobra, who are lead by a Scottish arms dealer.

Stephen Sommers is building his army (one actor at a time, apparently – this better not turn into another drip-feed casting marathon a la Star Trek) and will kick off shooting next February, aiming for a summer 2007 release…