Samuel L Jackson and Bernie Mac are Soul Men

We’d have thought that Samuel L Jackson had angered the comedy gods enough with the likes of The Man, but apparently he’s ready to tempt their terrible, terrible wrath again by teaming up with Bernie Mac for Soul Men.

Dimension Films hired Man Of The House scripting team Robert Ramsey and Matthew Stone based on an idea by Steven Greener (who just happens to be Mac’s manager). It’ll follow two former back-up soul singers who were once part of a super group. In true cinematic fashion, they haven’t spoken for 20 years, but agree to travel together for a tribute performance in honour of the group’s former leader, who has just gone to the great gig in the sky.

There’s no director yet, but Dimension will apparently have locked one down in a couple of weeks. Whoever gets the job will need to make sure both actors’ dancing and singing skills are up to scratch as they’ll be performing in the movie.

Beware the comedy gods, Sam. For their vengeance is mighty. And mighty funny.

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