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RZA to make Man With The Iron Fist

RZA, the co-founder of the Wu-Tang Clan, is getting ready to make his feature directorial debut with an action adventure flick called The Man With The Iron Fist .

Not only is RZA directing, but he's set to take the lead role of a blacksmith who forges weapons for the residents of a Chinese village who must fight against “dangerous forces”.

RZA (real name: Robert Fitzgerald Diggs) also got a few tips from horror director Eli Roth (below), who he co-wrote the script with. According to Roth, the Hostel helmer was impressed with the rapper’s grasp on the history of feudal China.

"RZA has imagined every tribe, every fighting style, every costume,” Roth says. “He knows kung fu like I know horror.”

Shooting on Iron Fist is set to commence in September, with Universal lined up to distribute. Will it fly? The title’s pretty cool, but RZA’s latest appearance was in the critically slammed Repo Men ...

Think Iron Fist sounds awesome or atrocious?