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Rumour: Mark Wahlberg to play the Six Million Dollar Man?

Reports today claim that Universal is poised to adapt vintage TV show The Six Million Dollar Man into a new film, with Mark Wahlberg in the frame to take the title role.

For those of you not up on your ‘70s entertainment, the series followed astronaut Steve Austin, who was “rebuilt” with various physical upgrades, having flirted with death after his craft crash-landed.

According to The Tracking Board , Universal has ear-marked Wahlberg, currently storming the box office as the new face of the Transformers franchise, as the man to head up the character’s revival.

The report also claims that Universal has approached Peter Berg to produce and direct, which would represent something of a Lone Gunman reunion between he and Wahlberg.

Universal has yet to confirm any of this, although given Wahlberg’s midas touch at the box office of late, it certainly sounds plausible. One to watch with interest…

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