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Rumour: Emilia Clarke testing for Sarah Connor in Terminator reboot?

Paramount’s Terminator reboot looks set to make some major casting announcements in the coming weeks, with director Alan Taylor planning to screen test a trio of actresses for the role of Sarah Connor.

Heat Vision reports that Game Of Thrones star Emilia Clarke will read for the part made famous by Linda Hamilton, alongside Margot Robbie and Brie Larson.

As for who might play John Connor, Tom Hardy is thought to be at the top of Taylor’s hit-list, although the director and actor have yet to discuss the project. Garrett Hedlund is believed to be the frontrunner to play Kyle Reese.

The new film will re-star Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Terminator charged with protecting a young Sarah Connor as she grows up. Sounds a mite familiar, although apparently it won’t be a straight remake of the original film.

With Paramount planning an eventual trilogy, the new film is slated for a 1 July 2015 release date. He did say he’d be back…

George Wales
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