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Robert Pattinson shoots down Hunger Games rumours

Catching Fire , the follow-up to The Hunger Games , will likely be another box office success story, but it will have to do so without the backing of legions of Twi-hards, after Robert Pattinson quashed rumours that he was set to appear in the forthcoming sequel.

The Cosmopolis star was reportedly Lionsgate's first choice for the role of Finnick Odair, a former winning tribute who gets roped into a kind of super-Hunger Games, in which all the former winners return to compete against each other.

However, R-Pattz himself has come out and denied the potential casting, revealing that no such approach has been made by the studio.

"I was kind of curious for a second," says Pattinson, "so I called my agent. My agent was like, 'No, no one's going to offer you that part.' I was like, 'thanks for the reassurance!'"

Looks like Pattinson will have to make do with just the two mega-franchises on his CV then. Catching Fire will open in the UK on 22 November 2013.