Ralph Fiennes says Bond 24 will shoot in October

Specific details surrounding Bond 24 remain few and far between, but Ralph Fiennes has let slip when the project is set to begin filming, telling MTV that cameras are scheduled to roll in October 2014.

"I haven't read a script yet, so I can't tell you much," continues Fiennes. "They'd probably swear me to secrecy anyway."

They probably would, although what we do know is that Sam Mendes will be returning to the director's chair (after some consideration) accompanied by Skyfall screenwriter John Logan.

Fiennes himself will also be making a return, having established his character, Gareth Mallory, as the replacement for Judi Dench's dearly departed M.

Whether the new film will place the new head of MI6 in quite as much danger as his predecessor remains to be seen, although if Skyfall taught us anything, it's that the new man is pretty handy with a pistol...

Bond 24 will open in the UK on 23 October 2015.

George Wales

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