Preacher set for HBO

Some movies we’re just plain bored of waiting for. Some we’re kind of glad they aren’t attempting for fear that they’ll ruin the concept. Some are a little from column A and a little from column B.

The corking graphic novel Preacher certainly fails into the latter. It’s been stuck in development hell since Kirstie Alley was thin… the first time around.

Now, thankfully, it seems we’ll be spared a watered down 12A movie version of Garth Ennis’ graphic novel. US cable channel HBO, the gang behind The Sopranos and The Wire, are putting together a Preacher TV show.

The tale follows a down-and-out priest from Texas who is possessed by Genesis (not the band) and travels the country in search of God.

Ennis and Preacher artist Steve Dillon will co-executive produce the show from a pilot script scribbled by Daredevil writer/director Mark Steven Johnson.

Such juicy subject matter in the hands of grit-merchants HBO? We’re dribbling over here…