Sony is doing an EMOJI movie. Ok. That's it. ()

Yanked from a pile of scripts out to capture the cultural zeitgeist is a new movie that plans to say everything... with small graphic icons. Sony Pictures Animation is developing a film centered around Emojis, after apparently being bowled over by a pitch that sparked a frenzied bidding war with two other studios. Anthony Leonidas (Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Masters) and Eric Siegel (TV's Men at Work) delivered the goods and will co-write the feature, with the former also set to direct.

The news hails from Deadline who goes on to report that there are another few pitches doing the rounds in Hollywood also based on the popular Japanese export. Just how much mileage can be squeezed out of this property? As the concept itself is in the public domain there's no prickly rights issues to contend with, that suggests we could see untold amounts of sequels and spinoffs in future years.

With Paramount and Warner Bros. being beat to the punch by Sony, expect to hear either studio announce their own Emoji flick shortly.

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Gem Seddon

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