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New Tron Legacy viral unleashed

The folks at Disney seem determined to string out the publicity for Tron Legacy as much as they possibly can.

And seeing as the flick doesn’t even open for another 10 months, it’s no surprise they’re drip-feeding us information via their Flynn Lives campaign so that we don’t peak too early.

But the extent to which the studio’s teasing us all is pretty insane.

This week, certain lucky website owners were sent packages from the Flynn Lives campaign. The packets contained a red star and a handwritten note which led canny web operators to . There, a binary clock appears to be counting down to February 24th at 8:00am Pacific Time.

What’s going to happen at that time on that date? We’re guessing a new trailer will appear, but with these guys you just never know. The last time the studio sent out a snail mail viral, it unlocked a virtual reconstruction of Flynn's Arcade and a hidden door to a life-sized lightcycle.

Fun, if not earth-shattering. Could this be a similar tease? Time will tell.

Sick of all this viral advertising? Or like the hype cranking?