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New Terrence Malick film announced

According to the interwebs, Terrence Malick will begin production on a new film in late 2010 - and Christian Bale is attached to star.

Described as a “powerful and moving love story”, it will begin production later this year, while Malick's most recent feature Tree of Life moves into post-production.

This is a speedy turn around for the notoriously measured director, who took a 20-year hiatus between Days of Heaven (1978) and The Thin Red Line (1998).

While little is known about the as-yet-untitled project, rumours abound that Christian Bale and Javier Bardem will be heading up the cast, alongside Rachel McAdams and Bond-girl Olga Kurylenko.

Bale worked with Malick on The New World in 2005, and we would certainly welcome his casting in something other than the gritty/gravel voiced action roles he's brought us lately.

If that’s not enough of a treat for you, the director is filming an IMAX documentary to be released as a companion to the upcoming Tree of Life, which stars newcomers Brad Pitt and Sean Penn.

Two films in one year? Terrence Malick, you really are spoiling us . Leave a comment!