New image from Bullet To The Head

You might have missed this one over Christmas, but a new image has been released for Stallone’s upcoming action thriller Bullet To The Head , and it goes some way towards answering whether Sly is too old for this shit…

Well, from the looks of that washboard stomach, we’d have to say no! Granted, we’re not sure exactly what the thinking process is behind that constipated facial expression, but in the muscles department, he certainly looks good to go.

A new synopsis has also been released for the film, albeit a fairly brief one. “Based on a graphic novel,” begins the blurb, “ Bullet to the Head also tells the story of a New Orleans hitman (Stallone) and a New York City cop who form an alliance to bring down the killers of their respective partners.”

Stallone will be trading body blows with Conan beefcake Jason Momoa, whilst Christian Slater is the pick of the supporting cast. Red Heat helmer Walter Hill will be filling the director’s chair.

We’re hoping Stallone is a little more mobile here than he was in The Expendables , but the man looks at least to be in imposing shape. Bullet To The Head is released in the UK on 13 April 2012.

George Wales

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