Neil Gaiman answers your Stardust questions

He might not have actually written the script for Matthew Vaughn’s adaptation of Stardust, but Neil Gaiman - who created the original graphic novel with illustrator Charles Vess - has been intimately involved with the film since the rights were picked up. He’s helped with casting and has been making regular trips to see the movie come to life.

And because Gaiman’s the charitable type who, despite having less free time than Kate Moss’ lawyers, still manages to answer fan questions on his blog on an almost daily basis, has agreed to take on yet more Q&A duties to help promote the movie.

Paramount Pictures has set up the email address to allow film fans to quiz Gaiman on everything to do with the story and the upcoming fantasy flick, with the studio picking five questions for him to answer each month.

Naturally, there will be exclusive Stardust coverage in a future issue of Total Film, but for now start thinking up those insightful questions…