National Treasure 2 update

As Jerry Bruckheimer told TF at the Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 premiere a while back, Disney are at full tilt getting the sequel to National Treasure in shape.

The surprisingly entertaining flick saw Nic Cage’s artefact-tracking adventurer caught between the law and a legacy, seeking the legendary Knights Templar Treasure - the greatest fortune known to man...

Having woven the movie together for somewhere in the region of $100 million, Disney were chuffed when it raked in over $347 million… Naturally, this set the wheels in motion for number 2.

Two website domain names have been snapped up by Disney in the last week:

Now, it took a while but we put our best person on this and they’ve come to the conclusion that the second part of National Treasure is going to be called… duh duh DUUUUHHHH!!

National Treasure 2: What A Bobby Dazzler…

No. Wassat? The Book Of Secrets. Okay… Maybe.

Nicolas Cage and director John Turteltaub are joined by returnees Justin Bartha, Diane Kruger, Jon Voight and Harvey Keitel. The film is set to arrive in cinemas late 2007.

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