Mrs Thatcher movie planned

With the Oscar-nabbing success of Helen Mirren’s performance in The Queen, it seems only natural that Pathe, one of the companies behind the film, would be hunting around for other well-known Brits to stick up on the big screen.

Their roving eye has settled on another powerhouse political woman of our time – Mrs Thatcher.

According to Variety, Pathe and BBC Films are teaming up to turn a chunk of the former Prime Minister’s life into a movie. The story, which Brian Fillis has been hired to write, will focus on the 17 days leading up to the Falklands War. Like the Diana issue for Her Maj, The Falklands Conflict was a major turning point for Mrs T, seeing her political fortunes shift from less popular than a rat with rabies to getting the nickname The Iron Lady as she ordered British forces in to retake the islands.

There’s no word on casting yet, so hit the Forum and tell us who you think would be a prime Prime Minister…