More actors target Hitman

A mere couple of weeks ago, Die Hard 4.0 villain Timothy Olyphant was flapping his lips about heading off to Bulgaria to start work on game adaptation Hitman, in which he’ll play a hired killer hunted across the world by Interpol and the Russian military.

And now he’s gained a nemesis and a few supporting stars. Dougray Scott, last seen treading Dark Water, has signed on to play the main antagonist, who’s busily tracking down Olyphant’s serial murderer.

Also on board are Festen’s Ulrich Thomsen, Casino Royale’s Michael Offei, Prison Break’s Robert Knepper and Paris Je T’aime’s Olga Kurylenko.

As well as kicking off the shoot in the Bulgarian capital Sofia, director Xavier Gens will also be filming in St Petersburg, Istanbul and the streets of London. So if you see a bald Tim Olyphant running past you, try not to stare. We think he’s still a little bit worried about the bald look...