McShane signs up for Marshall

On these shores he may still be ‘that bloke with the mullet from Lovejoy’ but our cousins across the pond lavish Ian McShane with the praise he deserves.

His jaw-dropping spit and guts performance as Al Swearengen in hit western show Deadwood has no doubt helped the flow of scripts to McShane’s doormat.

Next up for the Blackburn-born star is a turn in We Are Marshall - the story of a 1970s town coming to terms with the repercussions of a tragic plane crash that saw almost the entire college football team perish.

McShane will play an executive of the local steel mill who lost a son in the crash. Ian’s character fights the attempts of some to re-introduce the football program at the University.

Lining up alongside ol’ Lovejoy are Matthew McConaughey and David Strathairn - all under the watchful eye of Charlie’s Angels lenser McG.

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