Matt Damon says he is still open to reprising role of Jason Bourne

Matt Damon has long suggested that he might be open to a return to the character of Jason Bourne, and the star has reiterated that standpoint during an interview with CNBC .

“I've always been open to it if Paul Greengrass is the director,” said Damon, when asked whether he would consider returning to the character. “We've just never been able to come up with a story.”

“It felt like such a good way to end it last time,” continues Damon, referring to the conclusion of The Bourne Ultimatum . “Having said that, I love that character. I'd love to see what happened to him.”

“If any of your viewers have a story,” joked the star, “please call Universal and submit it.”

In the meantime, Universal has announced plans to press on with Aaron Cross’s story in a proposed fifth film in the series, but we’d imagine the door will always remain open to Damon and Greengrass. Get those story ideas in to the comments below…

George Wales

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